DSPA aerosol fire suppression systems for the offshore industry

When it comes to safety standards, there is no other sector like the offshore industry. In no other industry can a fire have so many consequences for the, the company, the people working on site and the environment.

DSPA is specialist in fixed fire protection extinguishing systems for applications such as substations, generator & engine rooms, switchgear rooms, control rooms, electrical cabinets and many other objects or rooms that contain critical (production)processes for your company.

A DSPA fire extinguishing system typically consists of one or more DSPA aerosol generators and a highly sophisticated fire detection system, assuring the customer to be notified in the early developing phase of the fire, thus giving the customer the chance to prevent many unnecessary damages. If a fire does develop, the DSPA generators will activate and quickly extinguish the fire. DSPA aerosol generators are highly effective, easy to maintain and environmental friendly. Because DSPA generators are not pressurized, transportation of the equipment can be done very simple and flexible.

A DSPA extinguishing system is also uniquely safe: It does not affect oxygen levels and  is officially tested as non-toxic, making a DSPA system perfect for sectors like the marine industry and the oil & gas industry.

Other advantages:

  • Is non corrosive and non-conductive
  • Does not cause over pressure
  • Is easily adaptable to your existing alarm system
  • Easy to install