Fixed Extinguishing systems Generic Fire Panel

Specially developed for the US and Canadian market, but applicable worldwide, this DSPA fixed aerosol extinguishing system combines the unique technology of DSPA Aerosol generators with a highly innovative and reliable extinguishing panel: the DSPA AMP 6-L.

DSPA Aerosol System design is volumetric in nature. Each installation is unique. Our highly trained engineers will design a complete system for you which will include a combination of sensors, DSPA aerosol generators and other components. Smaller aerosol generators will be applied to minute and narrow compartments while larger generators are applied in more extensive structures.

The quantity of DSPA Aerosol generators to be installed will be in compliance to the design quantity of our extinguishing agent: aerosol. Aerosol as an extinguishing agent is many times more effective then gaseous or other conventional extinguishing agents. Only a very small amount is needed to extinguish any kind of fire.

The DSPA AMP 6-L extinguishing panel is highly adaptable and easily installed. It can activate up to 60 DSPA aerosol generators in its most basic configuration, but is upgradable for even larger installations. The DSPA AMP 6-L panel can be connected to almost any UL/ULC/EN certified fire panel, allowing the end user or installer to work with that brand or type of fire panel that best suits the projects demands.