Automotive extinguishing systems

DSPA Automotive extinguishing systems can be applied in cars, trucks, buses, portable generators, yachts and much more. The system complies with the highest demands of reliability and durability and allows you to protect your vehicle or object from the possibility of fire!

Depending on each unique situation, a combination of sensors, DSPA aerosol generators and other components will be calculated by our highly trained engineers. Using linear heat detection cables or programmable thermo couples, the detection part of the DSPA Automotive extinguishing system can be configured to meet every demand.

The DSPA CU (Central Unit) is connected to two sensors, which detect the fire with the double consent logic. The pre-alarm is signalled by the first sensor and once confirmed by the second, the signal reaches the control unit which activates the discharge of the DSPA aerosol generators. Allowing for multiple DSPA Aerosol generators to be activated in up to 4 zones, making the system also compatible for bigger cargo holds.