ABS approval of DSPA

DSPA successfully completed product design assessment by the American Bureau Of Shipping.

ABS executed a thorough assessment of our aerosol fire protection systems, and these are found to be compliant with the latest
ABS Rules for Building and Classing Marine Vessels Rules (2021)4-7-1/1 & 4-7-4.

What does this mean?

DSPA aerosol fire suppression systems are found to be a suitable fixed fire protection solution for machinery spaces of cargo ships, fishing vessels, small work boats, pilot boats, motor/sailing pleasure and commercial craft.  

The advantages of aerosol fire suppression systems are widely known in various industries, and becoming more accepted in the marine industry. The unpressurized and compact extinguishing generators can be ceiling-mounted, saving up a lot of space.

DSPA has proven its reliability and effectiveness with many other (marine) approvals and applications. By acknowledgement of the renowned American Bureau Of Shipping we strive to ensure quality and reliability of our solutions.