DSPA and Marine Fire Safety

Recently another vessel was saved by DSPA, where a fire occurred in the engine room of an East Coast scalloper.

“The skipper saw smoke billowing out of the engine room, and he threw

the suppression device down there. When the smoke had cleared, they went down, replaced the broken hydraulic

hose that had caused the fire, cleaned up, and four hours later they were fishing

again.” According to John Reardon, of Hercules SLR.

These motivating success stories prove once more the added value and effectiveness of our systems. Allowing more and more vessels to make the choice of DSPA aerosol as their fire protection choice, whether it are our portable knock down tools or complete fixed systems.

DSPA aerosol fire suppression is exceptionally effective on fuel fires, extinguishing fires that are caused by leaking hydraulics rapidly.  The unpressurized and compact extinguishing generators can be ceiling-mounted, saving up a lot of space.

           The applicability of aerosol systems at sea is not only proven by success stories or references, but also backed up by research and certificates by institutes as RINA, ECB and Maritime New Zealand. Certificates, reports or  articles can be requested here.

At last, some of the yachts and boats we are proud to protect;