ABS approval of DSPA

DSPA successfully completed product design assessment by the American Bureau Of Shipping. ABS executed a thorough assessment of our aerosol fire protection systems, and these are found to be compliant with the latestABS Rules for Building and Classing Marine Vessels Rules (2021)4-7-1/1 & 4-7-4. What does this mean? DSPA aerosol fire suppression systems are found […]

DSPA and Marine Fire Safety

Recently another vessel was saved by DSPA, where a fire occurred in the engine room of an East Coast scalloper. “The skipper saw smoke billowing out of the engine room, and he threw the suppression device down there. When the smoke had cleared, they went down, replaced the broken hydraulic hose that had caused the […]

Read our latest article in Gulf Fire magazine

The Gulf FireJanuary 2021 edition has been released featuring DSPA aerosol fire suppression systems. Read here to discover about the development of our aerosol fire suppression technology and see why it is becoming the preferred fire suppression solution worldwide above conventional gas-extinguishing systems.Take a look at the comparison chart which was developed by FM200 and has been […]